Proposed New Laws for 2019

California Legislation

When Prop 10 was defeated we thought legislators would back off and we could relax for a while. Not so. In fact, the legislators have been quite busy. Here’s the latest list of proposed bills to watch.

AB 36 would allow rent control to be imposed on multifamily buildings 10 years old or older and on single family homes. This means some of the protections small owners have under Costa Hawkins would be removed.

AB 1482 would cap rent increases statewide. The percentage to be used for the cap has yet to be determined. Oregon recently passed a similar bill. This proposal is being touted as an anti-gouging cap.

AB 1481 would impose “just cause” statewide.

AB 724 would create a statewide rent registry.

AB 1188 would allow renters to house an individual or family at risk of homelessness for up to 12 months, even if doing so would violate the lease. In other words, the owner would have no ability to accept or deny these new occupants.

SB 329 would clarify source of income discrimination to include verifiable income paid directly to tenant, or paid to a housing owner or landlord on behalf of a tenant. Verifiable income would include, but not limited to, federal housing assistance vouchers issued under Section 8

Milder tenant protections:

AB 1110 would require 90 days’ notice if a landlord increased the rent by more than 10%, but no more than 15%, of the amount of the rent charged to a tenant. The bill would require 120 days’ notice if the landlord increased the rent by more than 15%

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Sandy Adams President, Co-Founder Rental Housing Network, Inc. Broker/Owner, Sandy Adams Properties Sandy Adams is President and Co-Founder of Rental Housing Network, Inc and Owner of Sandy Adams Properties. She started her real estate career in 1978. After obtaining her broker’s license in 1985, she began specializing in residential property management. Sandy has served on numerous boards and committees for NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) and CAA (California Apartment Association), as well as serving two full terms on the San Jose Advisory Commission on Rents. She has also taught several landlord workshops for small investment groups and Realtors.

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