Shelter in Place = No Paycheck for Many

While some individuals can continue to work, most people have temporarily lost their jobs. Fortunately we live in a world of very generous and compasionate individuals.

Large tech giants have stepped up and donated millions toward the Santa Clara County Homelessness Prevention System. The emergency assistance program is intended to provide help with rent payments or other basic needs to county residents who make less than 80 percent of the area median income.

Those with COVID-related impacts can now apply for financial assistance ($4,000/month max) at or call (408) 780-9134.

There is currently an “Eviction Moratorium” in place. For how long is really undetermined at this time.  This does not mean a waiver of rent owed.  However, it could mean a delay in receiving rents.  It also means tenants may have to play catch up to stay in their homes when the moratorium is lifted and people get back to work.  Tenants should seek assistance now from organizations like Sacred Heart to avoid back rent being owed in the future.  

For information about unemployment benefits visit

In the meantime continue to shelter in place and stay safe. 

Sacred Heart Community Service

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Sandy Adams President, Co-Founder Rental Housing Network, Inc. Broker/Owner, Sandy Adams Properties Sandy Adams is President and Co-Founder of Rental Housing Network, Inc and Owner of Sandy Adams Properties. She started her real estate career in 1978. After obtaining her broker’s license in 1985, she began specializing in residential property management. Sandy has served on numerous boards and committees for NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) and CAA (California Apartment Association), as well as serving two full terms on the San Jose Advisory Commission on Rents. She has also taught several landlord workshops for small investment groups and Realtors.

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