Tenant Move Out Procedures and Security Deposits

Occasionally, someone will contact me saying their tenant just moved out and they want to know what charges they can deduct from the tenant’s deposit.   My first question to them is “Did you offer them an initial inspection?”

In California, you are required by law to offer the tenant an “initial inspection” during the last two weeks of their tenancy to give them the opportunity to repair any items you find so that they know what is expected of them when they move out.  Your notice to terminate the tenancy, or confirmation of the tenant’s notice to vacate, should include the following statement:

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Rental Market Slow Down

The ads are running but the phones aren’t ringing.

Over the last few years we have been dealing with a serious housing shortage causing a steady increase in rental values. This is not new news to anyone. But have the winds begun to change. Historically a hot market reaches a plateau where it flattens out and even declines. We may be experiencing such a market now.

Inquiring with owner/brokers of residential property management companies in Santa Clara County the consensus isthat there has been anundeniable shift in the market.

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Roommates are Okay, Subletting is Not

Do You Know Who’s Living in Your Unit?

We recently had a member ask us about an unusual situation after a tenant moved out.  The tenant had given a 30 day notice to vacate.  Once the tenant had moved the manager noted excessive damage to the unit.  Unfortunately, the manager didn’t send out the disposition of the deposit within the 21 daysprompting inquiries about the late return from not one, but two different parties.  The original tenant had sublet the unit to another party without the manager’s permission.  Both claimed to be entitled to the security deposit.

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