New 2019 Laws

Here’s a summary of the new laws that have been passed this year. Some of them still waiting for Governor Newsom’s signature.

AB 1482 by Assembly Member Chiu

Rent Increases: Cap of 5% + cost of living or 10%, whichever is the lower of the gross rental rate, over the course of any 12-month period. AB 1482 includes Just Cause and No Fault Evictions. It does not include single-family homes or condos owned by individuals.

SB 330 by Sen Nancy Skinner

The California Legislature has approved Senate Bill 330, the Housing Crisis Act of 2019. SB 330 will accelerate housing construction in California by cutting the time it takes to obtain building permits, limiting fees on housing, and barring local governments from reducing the number of homes that can be built.

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Proposed New Laws for 2019

California Legislation

When Prop 10 was defeated we thought legislators would back off and we could relax for a while. Not so. In fact, the legislators have been quite busy. Here’s the latest list of proposed bills to watch.

AB 36 would allow rent control to be imposed on multifamily buildings 10 years old or older and on single family homes. This means some of the protections small owners have under Costa Hawkins would be removed.

AB 1482 would cap rent increases statewide. The percentage to be used for the cap has yet to be determined. Oregon recently passed a similar bill. This proposal is being touted as an anti-gouging cap.

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