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Have the ability to reach owners and managers of rental properties through RHN social and educational events. Also, learn from other Business Partners on how to improve and expand your business.

Listed on Resource Board

By becoming a RHN Business Partner, your company will automatically be listed on our Business Partner Resource Page which is categorized by specialty. The resource page offers landlords the opportunity to find a local vendor who has experience and focuses on serving the rental housing industry.

Legal & Industry Updates

By staying in tune with changes in laws that affect the rental housing industry, you will be able to tailor your company’s services to match the changing market and stay ahead of the competition.

Advertising Your Business

Take advantage of unique advertising opportunities available to connect your company to its target customer, the landlord. With many different kinds of advertising possibilities available, you can choose the best direction for your company to reach its goals.

Website advertising, newsletter email advertising, vendor of the month, member promotional coupons, educational sponsorships.

  • Website advertising – Continuous advertising on RHN website will keep your name in front of owners and property managers searching for companies and professionals to service their rental properties.
  • Newsletter Advertising - Be a part of our once a month newsletter to rental owners and managers.
  • Vendor of the month - Listed on our website as vendor of the month puts your name in front of the competition. This is a great opportunity to offer coupons or discounts to our RHN members.
  • Educational Sponsorship - Sponsoring a class or event offers great exposure to your target market.

Note: RHN is managed and monitored by professional rental property experts. We are not attorneys. None of the information provided by RHN should be construed as legal advice. For law-related issues, Associates should seek the advice of an attorney specializing in tenant-landlord law.