Landlord Institute

Rental Housing Network’s Landlord Institute

The Landlord Institute was developed to give Landlords and Managers the education they need to be successful in the day to day operations of property management. 

Success Series 

Rental Housing Network is proud to present the Landlord Institute Success Program which is two components.  Each component is comprised of different levels of education that will build your knowledge of the rental housing industry from the ground up whether you are a Landlord or Property Manager.  The two programs run 10 hours each and consist of 5 two hour classes.


The Blueprint for Success – The Blueprint Series is the nuts and bolts of property management to build your knowledge of the everyday situations you will encounter.  The series will focus on turning your property, fair housing guidelines, and handling the tenancy.  The classes are as follows:

>> Invest In Your Investment
>> Move-In Process
>> Fair Housing
>> During the Tenancy
>> Move-Out Process




The Foundation for Success – The Foundation Series goes in depth for the Landlord to give them the tools needed to effectively and efficiently manage their rental property.  The series is designed to take the additional step beyond the normal operations of regular management and address specific issues Landlords will need to tackle.  The classes are as follows:

>> The Eviction Process
>> Understanding your Rental Agreement
>> Risk and Liability
>> Understanding the Credit Report and Screening Tenants
>> Common Mistakes Landlords Make

Landlord Workshop  

The Landlord Workshop gives rental owners and managers a basic understanding of the fundamentals of managing rental property and teaches you how to handle the day to day tasks.  The workshop is a full day of one hour sessions which include topics such as:

>> The Eviction Process
>> Fair Housing
>> Dispute Resolution
>> Limiting your Liability
>> Understanding the Credit Report