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Affordable Housing Legislation


Capitol Hill has been busy trying to solve the state’s housing problems with new legislation. Governor Brown has shown support for more affordable housing legislation by signing into law the following bills:


Senate Bill 2 creates a permanent source of funding for affordable housing by charging up to $225 on certain real estate transactions. (Not Home and Commercial Real Estate Purchases) 


Senate Bill 3 will place a $4 Billion statewide housing bond on a future ballot. This money will fund existing affordable housing projects that are no longer funded by the state’s Redevelopment Agency. 


Senate Bill 35 addresses the state’s housing-supply shortage.  Currently the state provides the cities with the number of units they need to build each year in order to keep up with their share of the regional demand.  However, the cities are not required to build the recommended number of units. 

Under SB 35 the state will take a more aggressive approach to require cities to approve more housing developments.  


Senate Bill 166 will push cities to plan for more low-income to moderate-income housing. 


Assembly Bill 352 will help increase the stock of micro units, “efficiency dwelling units,” which usually measure 220 square feet or less.


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