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Bills to Watch

AB 1110 - New Rent Increase Requirements

AB 1110 would require 90 days’ notice if a landlord increased the rent by more than 10%, but no more than 15%, of the amount of the rent charged to a tenant.  The bill would require 120 day...

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AB 1188 - Housing Potential Homeless

AB 1188 would allow renters to house an individual or family at risk of homelessness for up to 12 months, even if doing so would violate the lease.  In other words, the owner would have no abilit...

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Statewide Rent Control

AB 1482 would cap rent increases statewide. The percentage to be used for the cap has yet to be determined.  Oregon recently passed a similar bill.  This proposal is being touted as an anti-...

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AB 36 - Rent Control for Building 10 Years or Older

AB 36 would allow rent control to be imposed on multifamily buildings 10 years old or older and on single-family homes. This means some of the protections landlords have under Costa Hawkins would be r...

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SB 329 - Source of Income

SB 329 would clarify source of income discrimination to include verifiable income paid directly to the tenant, or paid to a housing owner or landlord on behalf of a tenant.  Verifiable incom...

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