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SB 407 Padilla (2009) – Plumbing Fixtures


This law applies to buildings constructed before 1992.  Water-conserving plumbing fixture means any fixture that is in compliance with current building standards applicable to newly constructed properties of the same type.

On or before January 1, 2017, noncompliant plumbing fixtures in single-family properties shall be replaced with water-conserving plumbing fixtures.  A seller shall disclose in writing to the prospective buyer the requirements and where the property includes any noncompliant plumbing fixtures.

On or before January 1, 2019, noncompliant plumbing fixtures in any multiunit residential building shall be replaced with water-conserving plumbing fixtures.  An owner or owner’s agent may enter (with proper notice) the property to install, repair, test and maintain water-conserving fixtures.

A tenant shall be responsible for notifying the owner or owner’s agent if the tenant becomes aware that a water-conserving plumbing fixture within his/her unit is not operating at the manufacturer’s rated water consumption.  The owner or owner’s agent shall correct an inoperability in the fixture upon notice by the tenant or if detected by the owner or owner’s agent.