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Professional Member Benefits - Realtors and Property Managers

Forms/Notices/Tenant Correspondence

As part of our full service resource center, RHN offers a variety of rental forms at no additional cost to our Professional members. Each form is customized to the profile provided by the individual Professional Member. This makes it easier & faster to fill out your forms. We also offer forms for daily operational issues, such as key receipts, lease renewals, cable company authorizations, etc. RHN periodically updates and adds new forms to make your job simpler.

Education and Training

We offer education for rental property management from the amateur investor to the skilled property manager. Learn from the best and discover the tips and tricks on how to be a great property manager. Our handpicked instructors are active property managers, attorneys and other professionals in the industry who deal with all aspects of managing rental property in today’s complex market. We offer discounts to our members on classes.

Operational Support

We are often faced with unique circumstances that just aren’t covered in the textbooks. As a member of RHN you can submit questions to our experienced property management team for answers regarding your individual situation. A little guidance can go a long way in avoiding costly mistakes.

Credit Reports

Placing tenants can be one of the most important decisions you may make as a landlord. RHN has partnered with CIC, a tenant screening service, to give our members easy to obtain tenant screening reports through CIC’s ApplyConnect program. It’s so simple.

Legislative & Industry Updates – RHN-N-Site

Stay in the know with RHN-N-Site reports on what’s happening in the rental industry. RHN continues to update our members with on-going changes in the rental industry, Fair Housing Laws and new legislation. It’s so important to be informed to avoid costly mistakes. Our team of experts will provide you with information on the most up-to-date issues affecting the rental industry.


We’re all in this together. There is a wealth of knowledge that can be attained by spending time with other professionals and sharing experiences. In addition, RHN will introduce you to companies and professionals in your area who specialize in rental property services, maintenance and repairs.

Rental Listings

Members can list and edit their available properties through the RHN site. The rental is then posted on a tenant friendly site, Rental Listing Network, where they can search for listings that meet their criteria. Tenants love it because it is more secure than other sites and there is a low risk of being scammed. Only RHN members can list their properties on our Rental Listing Network.


RHN provides members with a list of rental housing agencies. In addition, there are several informational guides that members can download. This can save you valuable time searching the internet for information on specific areas and topics.

Additional Benefits for Realtors and Property Managers

Listed on Professionals Board

By becoming a RHN Professional Member your company will automatically be listed on our Professional Member Resource Page which is categorized by service area. The resource page offers landlords the opportunity to find a Professional Member who has experience and focuses on serving the rental housing industry.

Advertise Your Services

Professional Members can take advantage of website advertising, newsletter email advertising, member promotional coupons and educational sponsorships.

Note: RHN is managed and monitored by professional rental property experts. We are not attorneys. None of the information provided by RHN should be construed as legal advice. For law-related issues, Members should seek the advice of an attorney specializing in tenant-landlord law.